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The Bitcoin scam turned out to be a major headache for law enforcement agencies. They were not ready for this new technology and believed that it would prove to be an obstacle. Since 2009 the launch of Bitcoin, more scammers emerged and started exploiting every opportunity to target people off their coins. The number of who were scammed on cryptocurrency is increasing every year. While law enforcement officers have not made a lot of progress in understanding the technology behind cryptocurrency. They know that suspects use them for illegal transactions and crimes. They work to prevent it from proliferating. As such, they are slowly coming around to understanding the importance of developing an appropriate response. With the passing of time and the increase in cryptocurrency-related arrests, the options, technologies, and tools for combating such crime also increased.

Although the blockchain’s workings and functions are well-documented, many scammers have made the mistake of thinking cryptocurrencies are untraceable. In actuality, the most widely-used currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Tethercoin all make use of blockchain technology, therefore allowing everyone to see the transactions. Although visible, it is difficult to identify these transfers. You need specialized software in order to reveal the real entities behind the information found on the public ledger.

We partner with top crypto software companies to provide data, reports, investigation services, and research to government agencies, exchanges, financial institutions, and individual customers in over 60 countries. With its help we connect cryptocurrency transactions to real-world entities, enabling institutions of all kinds to combat criminal activity on the blockchain.

Why is it important to get a Cryptocurrency Intelligent Report?

Let us assume that you have been the victim of a scam; you have transferred your coins to the wallet addresses of the scammers. It might take several months for your local police officer to do the tracking, if they follow through at all. This is because the software necessary to track cryptocurrencies is very expensive, and not all police departments have them available, or have the required level of expertise.

Nevertheless, local authorities can easily verify the accuracy of the information in the Cryptocurrency Intelligent Report. After you present the report, they can contact cryptocurrency exchanges where your money is sitting. In closing, having this report shortens the wait time and increases the possibility of retrieving your funds.

Have you been a victim of a cryptocurrency scam?

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Our office received a high number of complaints from people who suffered from the loss of funds. This is why we have gathered the best crypto intelligence tools to make crypto investigations possible for our clients. Please complete the form below if you want to leave a message or want us to call you. After filling out the form we will start collecting all the relevant information regarding your case.

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