Cyber Threats – How to Keep Your Mobile Devices Safe

It is no secret that the mobile phones we use today can make us a target for cyber-attacks and viruses if unprotected. Our phone devices are full of personal and professional information that attracts cyber crooks who constantly find ways to make money illegally. Mobile phones do not come with a manual to teach mobile security to the user.

Thus, we have prepared this guide to help you navigate your mobile device in a secure way. Scroll down and read the 7 most effective tips to keep your mobile devices secure from cyber threats.

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Keep the Device Locked

Make sure to protect your mobile devices with a lock, because in case of theft it can prevent access to your personal information. Enabling phone lock can also give you the option to set a duration for how long the device can be idle before locking. Select the shortest duration of time, so in case you forget to lock the phone, this will protect the device by automatically enacting the lock screen.

Set Strong Passwords

Setting strong and secure passwords on mobile applications makes it harder for a hacker to break them. Also, it’s recommended to set different passwords for each app so if one password is discovered, the hacker won’t be able to access other apps.

Connect to secure Wi-Fi

A Free Wi-Fi network is the first thing we look for whenever we go out. While using public Wi-Fi, connect to a VPN or virtual private network. This allows you to have access to a secure Wi-Fi connection, and changing your virtual network protects your location and personal information from prying eyes.

Download With caution

When downloading applications, make sure you use official app stores and check reviews of each app. It is quite common for cybercriminals to create fake mobile apps mimicking authentic brands to steal confidential user information.

Keep the operating System Updated

Mobile phone operating system (OS) updates are there for a reason, and they’re intended to improve user experience. It is important to frequently update the devices with the latest version of OS. It helps in protecting both iOS and Android devices from bugs or other holes that make devices vulnerable.

Avoid Jailbreaking

People often jailbreak or root their phone devices to have access to third-party applications other than the one available on the official app stores. It seems tempting to have access to unlimited apps, but it brings with it a greater risk to phone devices. These apps are not vetted and can easily hack your phone and steal information.

Install Security Software

Installing anti-virus or any security software protects the device from malware and detects and deletes other harmful viruses. Especially in the case of financial transactions via phone, security software prevents data breaches and loss of information.

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Many people are not aware of the risks they are exposed to while using mobile phones and other computer devices. You cannot control a cyber attacker, but you can take action to protect your identity and personal information from getting stolen. We hope the tips mentioned in this article were helpful and if you have further queries feel free to contact us. 

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