Chargeback processing – How to get your money back?

With the rise of technology, almost everything that was done manually has been digitalized. This is obviously a great advantage of technological advancements, but it also comes with certain negative aspects. There are a lot of companies who can win your trust early, with the sweet-talking and by offering crazy unreal returns. They might seem like a legitimate company, but they are fraudsters looking to exploit you. But for every problem, there is a solution. In certain cases, a chargeback process will remedy your situation.

If it would have been a matter of only a few dollars, it wouldn’t be worth spending more resources to get it back. But if we’re talking about thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars, then it’s not something easy to swallow.

Where to start?

Try to collect as much information as you can. Names, locations, emails, documents, phone call recordings, messages are all connecting you with this company in some way. All this relevant information can increase your chances to get the money back into your pocket. First, try connecting with the support manager of the concerned company and explain your situation. If they can’t help you with your problem, try to connect with the manager or decision-maker. If in this situation you see that no one is interested in helping you – go to the next step.

On the website of the company, you can find a section or article explaining how to make a withdrawal. But better to do it at least in two different ways i.e. from the website and by email. Moreover, you can call the support team to confirm that your withdrawal request is acknowledged

The confirmation of the beginning of the process.

This is usually an email, but it can also be a phone call. If you get a phone call, ask for an email confirmation so that you have it. If they made a refund you should receive your money back within 7-10 business days. It can be through the bank or wire transfer, credit cards, and e-wallet, depending on the method you used when you deposited the funds.

It’s a nightmare for any investor if one can’t withdraw their own money. Probably, you have come across refused or paused withdrawals. There could be two options. First, the company you’ve been dealing with may not be a legitimate entity. Second, it is a genuine company. It uses a strict withdrawal scheme to make sure that money is transferred to the right person.

The former is unfortunate and the latter works to your advantage. But only in case if all the documents have been requested from you at the beginning, not after the refund request and the reasons were explicitly defined and given to you in a clear form. When you’re not sure about the trustworthiness of the organization – don’t send them any identity documents! It can work against you in the chargeback process.

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