10 Signs that you are being scammed

1. How was the first contact made?
2. What mode of communication used
3. Sounds too good to be true
4. Investing a lot of time in you
5. Asking you irrelevant questions
6. Guaranteeing returns
7. Always keeping up with you for no reason
8. Doesn’t show identity or shows the limited identity
9. Pushy and sounding an expert but can’t answer every question on the spot
10. Requesting payments through third-parties

As we get tons of clients asking for help every day coming from different backgrounds and having different issues, we decided to publish this article which may help people to understand whether they’re dealing with the right people or not. If any of these things are happening in your life please beware as you potentially can fall into their trap and lose your hard-earned cash. Below are a few typical ways that most scammers adopt to steal people’s money.

How was the first contact made?

The advancement in technology has made the world more vulnerable than ever before, although there are countless benefits of it too. There are a lot of people who sign up at places online seeing attractive advertisements which catch their attention and usually they are marketed as if the product/service is supposed to be free or has very little to pay for and asks only you to leave your contact details. Beware, there is nothing FREE in life, these companies use your information for their own good as well as there is a number of them who simply sell your data to other companies which may use it for direct/indirect marketing and get you to sign up into something that you never were interested in and in 95% of the cases it ends up weighing on viewers finances. It’s extremely important to protect yourself by not giving away the basic contact details to the companies/people that you don’t know well. Therefore, it is essential to recall or ask the one contacting you that how did they get your details, and as long as they are representing a certain company and you have tried contacting them in the first place, you may go ahead a listen to what they have to offer, otherwise just simply ignore or block them off and stay away from it as it could potentially be scammers representing forex/cryptos/loans/trading/platforms/profits/guaranteed/get rich quick ideas/fintech/CFDs/ etc.

 Mode of communication

Several mobile phone applications are being vitally used by fraudsters/scammers/con artists as they provide end-to-end encryption. Meaning, that no one has the authority to check the messages they’re sending you, therefore, they may easily get away with their misconduct simply because no one can check those chats. Applications like, Whatsapp, Telegram, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat and many other similar social networking apps/messengers which are very beneficial can also be used as a tool to conduct scams. The main reason these scammers/fraudsters use this commonly known application is to gain trust as a vast majority of people are using it and it seems like they’re just being normal. In case, if you receive any emails from private accounts it can also be an indication of someone trying to just reach you out with evil intentions, always make sure a person representing or claiming to be representing a certain company must send the email from their work email. Moreover, the domain which comes after the @ sign should contain the company name. Thus, make sure you check these things and if it is a call someone has made to you should be a number that you can call them back at as usually we have seen that these fraudsters use IP generated calls which means you can’t call them back at the number seen on your telephone screen.

Sounds too good to be true

When someone is offering you a very high return on a certain investment or is telling you a way to get rich quickly, 99 % chances are that it is a scam. Despite the fact, there are several examples which can be quoted to give you high hope and gain your interest. Such as the Crypto-currency boom in the year 2017 i.e. Ethereum which is one of the most famous digital currencies was sitting at 10$ approx. in January 2017 and by the end of the same year in December 2017 it was lying around 1400$ each. This is a true example of the big jump it took in a mere one year time. Now, technically this is really what has happened as you can check it up and will see that it is true but no one really knew about it happening beforehand. Most of these examples are just simply used so that scammers/fraudsters can gain your interest and get you to do what they want you to do. There is simply no way to get rich quickly and if there is any then they would never disclose such meaningful information with anyone. Always, think before making any decision, and make sure you conduct your research before making any financial commitments. Smart investors/traders know that they will get rich slowly (THERE ARE NO SHORTCUTS).

Investing a lot of time in you

As we are living in an era in which it’s getting harder and harder to make enough money to make the ends meet for a lot of people, we know for a fact that time is really a very important thing. Therefore, anyone who’s really chasing you up for your own good can’t really be the case. Scammers/Fraudsters are putting actually a lot of effort to gain their potential victim’s trust as they know once they have it they will get rewarded heavily. Of course, because of this kind of people really hard-working class who are committed to their prospects are suffering a lot as they just really want to have a business relationship which maybe would be mutually beneficial. However, valuing time is the first thing any successful company/individual does because one can’t have both time and money as the ones who don’t have money have time and the ones with money have no time. Hence, try to understand who are you speaking with and what are their qualifications, and whether they are legitimate or not along with really understanding what is their gain from the purposed transaction. Since the majority of them have a huge conflict of interests which can lead to losses and disappointments.

Asking you irrelevant questions

Let’s suppose you signed up for a certain service online, a person who is serving you should be asking the questions which have something to do with what your original inquiry was. If there are too many irrelevant questions asked especially if those questions have anything to do with your finances or how much money do you have it’s simply is a red flag. Mostly, these fraudsters/scammers are good at sweet-talking and building chemistry with their prospects, so that they can gather intelligence that potentially can be used to persuade you into quick decision making. Always, stick to the point, by this we don’t really mean that you have to act rude or something, we just mean that you should be very careful of the information someone is obtaining from you as again it perhaps can be used to manipulate you.


It is one of the most effective and relaxing words in the dictionary, when someone is guaranteeing you something it automatically takes away the stress and gives immense relaxation. As we know that there is simply no way someone can guarantee something for 100% and if they’re doing so it’s wrong and believing in such a statement is really a very silly thing to do. Track records and consistency in the past performances is one thing which also can be questioned, nonetheless, if anyone is really giving verbal/written guarantees it means that he/she is really desperate for you to do what they’re asking you to do. This is why we highly recommend everyone not to fall into anything that has to do with guarantees, especially when it is a service or anything to do with investments/return on investments.

Location – (Where are they based? Locating them is impossible, offices operational and virtual)

Another extremely important factor that needs to be considered here is that where is the company based. There are numerous cryptocurrency/forex/CFDs/stocks/shares/loan/ offering companies/platforms which claim on offering the services but they don’t really give their real location as they are not operating legitimately. If there is a company that is offering you anything that has to do with money, it’s very important to see where are they based, and if the company isn’t entitled to provide the relevant services and isn’t authorized to do so in the jurisdiction you fall under, then simply run the other way as you will still be at risk. Companies only with virtual addresses and having no information about the founders and CEOs aren’t reliable, therefore, it’s best if you do business with companies for whom you can find information easily so that you know who exactly are you dealing with.

Pushy/Claims and claims to be expert

Most of these scammers/fraudsters use pushy sales techniques to get their objectives. Usually, they sound experts, especially for a normal person they are simply sounding professionals because they have a complete script written in front of them which helps them to sound good in the entire process.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Although, we can highly recommend our readers to again ask them as many questions as possible and ask in detail what qualifications a person they’re talking to has. Obviously, a person who has the expertise in real and is qualified would never hesitate to tell you their story and also provide you with sufficient references for you to check and if that’s not the case just simply don’t make any payments.

Requesting payments through third-parties

Since we have highlighted the majority of precautionary measures someone has to take to avoid any financial mishaps. To conclude, we want to stress this as much as we possibly can that PLEASE don’t make payments before research and if for any reason it’s done.
The payment must reflect the name of the merchant on your bank statement and if it’s not then highly likely that it is a scam. Since these scam companies/individuals/brokers/ know that they can be traced they try their best to take payment through bank transfers or BTC as there is surely a statute of limitation on these sort of payments and it is harder to get the refunds on these sort. However, we still have recovered a lot of cases as such, nevertheless, it is a costly procedure and more complicated.

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